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David Williams
Age: as old as fook
Location: earth

Favourite Genres: D&B, house, old school, garage, soul, funk, disco, reggae,

Other Hobbies: keeping out of trouble

Fave Tune:

Tears >frankie knuckles,


Started DJing and collecting records when I was 13 when I wired 2 decks together through the phono leads into my amp (couldn’t afford a mixer) reggae and motown hand me downs from my aunt and brother. That was the begining of being a bedroom dj.
i remember bunking off school to go to HMV london to get the just released roses are red by the mac band, joyce sims, BB&Q, mantronix, change were the first choons i actually bought with my pocket money and whilst at school i did all the house parties properly because i had a P.A , speakers i made at C.D.T at school, should of seen my dads face when he picked me up with a bass bin that had to be put on the roof because it was to big to get in the car.
used to hang out at Leyton youth to see the likes of Richie rich Dereck b R.I.P (wicked dj) dj duke
My first pub i dj at was at the lord Raglan whipps cross, my first club dj was stop outs ilford , mr jim’s whispers manor park and simpsons stratford i was 17 at the time not even old enough to get in. and i was playing the music
Then this new music started Hip House,acid and electro and I was totally hooked.
My first proper club was Camden palace 1988 and dj Chris Paul and the help from a yellow calli i was off. the tracks i had to have were Richie Rich>salsa house, Nightwriters > let the music use you, shalor > i’m in love, lack of love > charles b so it was music power (ilford) the next day.
Having my own rig i got loads of bookings and from 1990 to 2005 djing was my job 3 or 4 nights a week, sometimes 3 gigs in 1 night and actually getting paid.
1994-1998 was probably the best time, Labyrinth, Baggleys, Heaven were my regular gigs along with mainly private gigs my music was paying for itself. from Birmingham to Brighton regular work with a few radio shows and the odd wedding here and there but rave was my passion.
Now i’m happy just to play my beats and dig out some forgotten gems for others to enjoy
My set time on Rave Radio is Thursdays 5pm-7pm and the odd cover here and there

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