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Name: Jeroen Kapitein
Age: 34
Location: The Netherlands
Favourite Genres: almost everything with a beat and/or guitar.
Other Hobbies: Running, football, clubbing/festivals, travelling
Fave Youtube clip:

Fave Tune: Dave Matthews Band – The space between (Tiesto remix)


As with many DJ’s my story started with my parents at home. We lived in a little village and my dad owned a synthesizer (Roland E-25) and he played a lot on it during the evenings/weekends. When I was 10 my dad gave me my first CD named Oxygene – 16 greatest synthesizer hits (I still have it!). I had a little radio/cd player from Sony and I used to play the CD nonstop.
My first connection with house was also around that time. I discovered radio shows like the powermix and Dance Department. Basically, I was listening to all night until 4am and almost recorded each show on tape so I could listen it back on my walkman. I was really into the mixing records thing, and I just could not understand how that worked out. Finally, I discovered BPM studio software and started to practice with very bad sounding MP3’s.
After we moved from the little village to a small city (I was 15), I joined the local radio station as a broadcast engineer and started to support all kind of radio shows. During one of these shows a guy walked in with a bag full of vinyl and started to record a mix after our show was finished. At that moment everything felt into place. I did not take long after I joined him to his weekly trip to the record store (Magik, owned by Tiesto) and I bought my first 3 records:
DJ Albert & Precision – Say yes
Perpetuous Dreamer – Dust.wav
Midway – Monkey Forrest / Travelling
I did not have money to buy decks (I spend it all on records) so I practiced every free studio hour. The setup was an Aircom broadcast mixer (with very bad EQ and fader starts…) and 2 soundlab turntables which did have a life on their own. Soon we started our own radio show and my DJ career was born.
At the age of 16 I managed to save some money to buy my own decks (JB Systems High Q20’s) and borrowed a mixer from a friend (Numark-DM3001X). By that time, I also was into online gaming and was playing competitive with a group of online friends. We had our own IRC channel and there I met a DJ called Nik Gnashers. He told me about his dream running an online radio station, and very soon after we started with a test stream by using shout cast (winamp plugin). The stream only could hold 30 listeners, and during this test broadcast it was packed within 5 minutes. I still have the recording of that broadcast. The first record I ever played online was Airwave – Lady blue (Markus Schulz Cold Harbour Mix). Soon after, Nik launched the radio station Retro-Tech. A few months later we started to experiment with a video stream which was a big success. I still think we were one of the first on the net running a radio station based on a video stream.
The years evolved and I played on several online radio stations like Renegade, The Towerblocks and Oldskoolravers. After Oldskoolravers disconnected itself Rave-Radio was born joined the station straight away from the start. Beside that I was still running my show on the local radio and started to play out in small venues, festivals and private parties which I still occasionally do.
I still love to play and hang around on Rave-Radio. It’s a nice community with music addicts and I love the fact there are many styles and different type of DJ’s involved. You can catch me playing live every Monday night (1900-2100) and sometimes during the weekends covering slots whenever needed. I weekly dig for new music on bandcamp, soundcloud and beatport to keep my selection fresh and up to date. A few times a year you can also catch me spinning the old vinyl from back in “my” past (2000-2007).

Current setup (DVS)
Allen & Heath Xone:96 mixer
2x Traktor Kontrol D2
2x Technics SL1200 MKII
Roland TR-8 drum machine

Current track