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Mick D shows

Name: Mick Docherty

Age: 47

Location: Edinburgh

Favourite Genres: Progressive House, Techno, Electronica, Old School House, Old School Hip Hop

Other Hobbies: Art – painting & drawing

Twitter: binned old account and just set up a new personal one

Instagram: not yet 🙂

Fave Youtube clip: 2 Girls 1 Cup (…..although, might be a different website I’m thinking about….)

Fave Tune: ……too many tracks across so many genres! From The Stranglers’ Golden Brown to Al Wilson’s The Snake to 808 State’s Pacific State 🙂

HearThis: https://hearthis.at/jktlywrc/


Musically started off listening to Hip Hop and Electro in the mid 80’s, then onto Acid House and Rave scene. Moved onto Techno before discovering Progressive House and never looked back (btw not the Prog House that’s listed on Beatport!).

Started off ‘deejaying’ on good old Tandy gear 🙂 and eventually managed to save enough money to get a pair of 1210’s back in 1994, which I still own to this day. Moved onto digital in the mid 00’s with CDJ’s then onto Traktor using time-coded vinyl, and finally settling back to Pioneer CDJ’s …. for the moment.

Mainly deejayed across central Scotland – Edinburgh, Glasgow ,Falkirk, Livingston, Bathgate, Stirling, etc. – usually small one-off events (and loads of house parties….loads!). Further afield I’ve played in such places as Stoke, Dundee (in a castle!) and randomly Sheffield at an after party for Eternity Magazine launch night!

These days I tend to only do my weekly Rave-Radio show on Sundays 7-9pm. More interested in production side of music right now, mainly using Ableton, with some (*ahem*) tracks on Hear This and SoundCloud.


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