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Name: Parksy
Age: 41
Location: South London
Favourite Genres: Garage, House, Disco DNB, Jungle
Other Hobbies: Create Art, Upcycling, Being a witty bugger
Fave Tune: Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody
Started DJ’ing by happy accident 4 years ago as a resident for House Party. My personal life changed dramatically so I had a lot of free time to fill. They gave me my first gig in Dalston, East London. I stayed with them for a few months and then started a weekly show on Rave Radio. Three months after that I started a second weekly show on a start up station House Music Radio. I was very privileged to be involved with the Grenfell Fundraiser held @ The Aquarium (One of London’s Legendary Venues) on a line up with the likes of Ratpack, Keith Sweat, Slipmatt, Lisa Loud to name a few. I’ve played in a lot of venues across London such as Trapeze-Shoreditch, The Broadway-Fulham, The Gunner Pub – Arsenal, Mordens – Blackheath, Tipsy – N16, Box Park – Croydon to name a few.
I’ve played gigs for House Music Radio, Debauchery, Our House, Join Hands Fundraising Events, House Party, Headfunk Promotions, Angel Promotions and many more.
My goal is to play @ Notting Hill Carnival as I’ve attended the carnival every year since I was 17 and id love to play at a festival. My closest experience was playing at Witfest 2017 & 2018 in Wales on a mountainside. One of my best moments yet.

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