Name: Gareth Field Age: 45 Location: South East London Favourite Genres: House, Techno, Progressive House, Old Skool Other Hobbies: Cycling Fave Youtube clip – anything Carl Cox Fave Tune: Passion Gat Decor Biography: Started DJing in 1996 to present day. Events played – Let Go, CLR, Fluke, Witfest. Enjoy going out to the Old Skool […]

  Name: Fearless Age: 40 odd Location: Manchester Favourite Genres: Hip-Hop, House, Any old shite. Other Hobbies: Drinking Fave Youtube clip: Fave Tune: Biography: Scratched for a few bands here and there and done some club nights. No interest in playing out anymore and being around cunts for longer than I have to.

Name:Taffy247 Age:44 Location:Midlands Favourite Genres:Jungle Biography: Been around the whole rave sene since 89 and only dj for the last say 15 year. I Have dj at a number of good nites but found it wasnt for me so only dj for friends and is why i like net radio site only to dj on. […]

Name: Ed Conrad Age: 42 Location: Midlands Favourite Genres: Old Skool Rave, Breakbeat, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Techno, Acid House Other Hobbies: Looking after my two boys and teaching them the ways of the Jedi; Metal Detecting; Neolithic Tribal History of Britain; Archaeology; Growing food then cooking and eating it. Also hiking (normally […]

  Name: Parksy Age: 41 Location: South London Favourite Genres: Garage, House, Disco DNB, Jungle Other Hobbies: Create Art, Upcycling, Being a witty bugger Fave Tune: Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody Biography: Started DJ’ing by happy accident 4 years ago as a resident for House Party. My personal life changed dramatically so I had a […]

  Name: David Williams Age: as old as fook Location: earth Favourite Genres: D&B, house, old school, garage, soul, funk, disco, reggae, Other Hobbies: keeping out of trouble Fave Tune: Tears >frankie knuckles, Biography: Started DJing and collecting records when I was 13 when I wired 2 decks together through the phono leads into my […]

Name DjC Age: 44 Location: Melton Mowbray Favourite Genres: Oldskool, rave ,house. Other Hobbies: Going out, computers, Family stuff. Fave Youtube clip Fave Tune: Carl Cox – I want you. Biography: From a young age DjC always wanted to be a dj. Practicing for hours on end in his bedroom as a teenager and […]

  Name: Nik Gnashers Age: 50 Location: Lincoln Favourite Genres: Oldskool Hardcore, HipHop, House, Funk, Reggae, & more Other Hobbies: Playing Guitar & Singing, Cars Fave Youtube clip: Fave Tune: Couldn’t pick just one Biography: I have been DJ-ing since the age of 11, when I got myself a pair of bare chassis BSR belt […]

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  Name: Martin Hamlin Age: 50 Location: Cromer, Norfolk Favourite Genres: Trance, Dnb, Club Classics, House Other Hobbies: Fishing and Scale Modelling Fave Youtube clip Hardwell playing Darude – Sandstorm @ Tomorrowland 2017 Fave Tune: Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc (DnB Remix) Biography: I have just started djing because i love music. I have always […]

  Name: Dave Risk Age:49 Location: Eastbourne, South East UK Favourite Genres: Techno, House, Tech House, Rave/Hardcore, D&B, Old School/Classics. Other Hobbies: Mountain biking and my wife Email: Fave Youtube clip Fave Tune: Sabres of Paradise Smokebelch 2 (Beatless Mix) Biography: Im an Experienced Dj for 30 years, My Music Styles Vary, House, Tech […]

Name: Mick Docherty Age: 47 Location: Edinburgh Favourite Genres: Progressive House, Techno, Electronica, Old School House, Old School Hip Hop Other Hobbies: Art – painting & drawing Twitter: binned old account and just set up a new personal one Instagram: not yet 🙂 Fave Youtube clip: 2 Girls 1 Cup (…..although, might be a different […]

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