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Name: Nick Hilton AKA Nixon Age: 50 soon Location: Essex UK Favourite Genres: Oldskool / House / Jungle/ HCB Other Hobbies: Keen Carp Angler / Cooking / Movies / Travelling / IT Geekery / Gaming Fave Youtube clip : Fave Tune: Biography: As someone that started out as a raver in 1990 Nixon has always […]

  Hi Im Dj Flipside, an UK based Old Skool Hardcore, Acid House, Jungle and Drum and Bass Dj. I have been Djing for over 30 Years, with vast experience playing on Radio and Clubs and Events around the UK. Over the years i have played on many radio stations such as .... Cyndicut Centreforce Conflict Force Plush Get Lively Soundz Eruption Also I have played at many events over the years such as .... Moondance Raindance Freedom to Dance Back to the Old Skool Epidemik History of Hardcore Labrynth Hysteria Pure Science Roar Bliss Origin Unity And many more

Name: Gareth Field Age: 45 Location: South East London Favourite Genres: House, Techno, Progressive House, Old Skool Other Hobbies: Cycling Fave Youtube clip – anything Carl Cox Fave Tune: Passion Gat Decor Biography: Started DJing in 1996 to present day. Events played – Let Go, CLR, Fluke, Witfest. Enjoy going out to the Old Skool […]

  Name: Fearless Age: 40 odd Location: Manchester Favourite Genres: Hip-Hop, House, Any old shite. Other Hobbies: Drinking Fave Youtube clip: Fave Tune: Biography: Scratched for a few bands here and there and done some club nights. No interest in playing out anymore and being around cunts for longer than I have to.

Name:Taffy247 Age:44 Location:Midlands Favourite Genres:Jungle Biography: Been around the whole rave sene since 89 and only dj for the last say 15 year. I Have dj at a number of good nites but found it wasnt for me so only dj for friends and is why i like net radio site only to dj on. […]

Name: Ed Conrad Age: 42 Location: Midlands Favourite Genres: Old Skool Rave, Breakbeat, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Techno, Acid House Other Hobbies: Looking after my two boys and teaching them the ways of the Jedi; Metal Detecting; Neolithic Tribal History of Britain; Archaeology; Growing food then cooking and eating it. Also hiking (normally […]

  Name: Parksy Age: 41 Location: South London Favourite Genres: Garage, House, Disco DNB, Jungle Other Hobbies: Create Art, Upcycling, Being a witty bugger Fave Tune: Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody Biography: Started DJ’ing by happy accident 4 years ago as a resident for House Party. My personal life changed dramatically so I had a […]

  Name: David Williams Age: as old as fook Location: earth Favourite Genres: D&B, house, old school, garage, soul, funk, disco, reggae, Other Hobbies: keeping out of trouble Fave Tune: Tears >frankie knuckles, Biography: Started DJing and collecting records when I was 13 when I wired 2 decks together through the phono leads into my […]

Name DjC Age: 44 Location: Melton Mowbray Favourite Genres: Oldskool, rave ,house. Other Hobbies: Going out, computers, Family stuff. Fave Youtube clip https://youtu.be/AVet-HD_BrI Fave Tune: Carl Cox – I want you. Biography: From a young age DjC always wanted to be a dj. Practicing for hours on end in his bedroom as a teenager and […]

  Name: Nik Gnashers Age: 50 Location: Lincoln Favourite Genres: Oldskool Hardcore, HipHop, House, Funk, Reggae, & more Other Hobbies: Playing Guitar & Singing, Cars Fave Youtube clip: Fave Tune: Couldn’t pick just one Biography: I have been DJ-ing since the age of 11, when I got myself a pair of bare chassis BSR belt […]

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